This section outlines some of the rules and procedures in Arizona's court system.  We have included selected rules of the Criminal Procedure, Juvenile court and Administrative Orders relating to victims' rights.


This section contains a selection of rules of the Arizona Court.  For complete listing of Arizona's court rules, visit:

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Arizona Rules of the Court

Rules of Criminal Procedure

Rules of Procedure for the Juvenile Court

Administrative Orders


Rules of Criminal Procedure

Rule 4.1. Procedure upon arrest

Rule 4.2. Initial Appearance

Rule 7.5. Review of Conditions; Revocation of Release

Rule 8.5. Continuances

Rule 8.7. Acceleration of Trial

Rule 17.4. Plea negotiations and agreements

Rule 19.6. Presence of Minor Victim or Incapacitated Victim Representative

Rule 26.3. Date of Sentencing; Extension

Rule 26.12. Fines and Restitution

Rule 27.10. Victim's rights in probation proceedings

Rule 31.2. Notice of appeal; automatic appeal; joint appeals

Rule 39. Victims' rights


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Rules of Procedure for the Juvenile Court

Rule 21. Rights of Victims


Administrative Orders  Get Acrobat Reader You need adobe acrobat reader to view Order #94-16

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