Arizona Voice for Crime Victims works to improve the services crime victims receive in Arizona.  To that end, AVCV has been working on two policy initiates.

We were outrages when we became aware that some crime victims were paying in excess of $80 for police reports.  We started a dialogue with local jurisdictions requesting that they provide crime victims with a free copy of their police report.  Click on the link to see which jurisdictions are providing free police reports and other important information about this policy initiative.

The second area of concern for AVCV was the statutory definition of a victim.  AVCV was successful working with the legislature to get the definition changed.

We also had the pleasure of working with the Arizona Attorney General's Office to get the Victims' Leave Act approved.  This legislation protects workers from being fired from their job because the victim chooses to exercise their rights.

We will post other initiatives of importance to crime victims on this site.