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This section of our website contains forms that are used by crime victims.  There are two parts of this section.


Forms Victims can use online:

These forms victims can use from this site.  We have included the Victim Compensation form.  This program provides compensation to victims of crime for certain expenses such as: funeral expenses, medical and mental health expenses.  Please read the instructions for complete details.


The other form you can use directly from this site is the Order of Protection form.  This form comes from the Arizona Supreme Court website.  You can complete this form on-line and print it for submission to your local court. 


Note: AVCV does not store, collect or otherwise save the data you enter on the forms. You must either print or save the document and then submit the completed form.


Forms Victims should be aware of:

The other part of this section included forms that crime victims need to be aware of in order to exercise their rights.  We have included the Victims Rights form which is used by law enforcement to advise crime victims of their rights and to request certain rights.  Note: some jurisdictions use their own form for crime victims.  However, this form is used by most law enforcement agencies within Arizona. 


We have also included Post Conviction Notification Request forms.  There are four forms, depending on the whether the defendant was tried in Criminal or Juvenile court and depending on whether the defendant was sentenced to prison, jail or probation.



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Forms victims can use online:

  • Victim Compensation form

  • Orders of Protection (Note: from the Arizona Supreme Court website)



    Forms victims should be aware of:

  • Victims Rights form (from Arizona Attorney General)

  • Post Conviction Notification Request (prison)

  • Post Conviction Notification Request (jail/probation)

  • Juvenile Post-Adjudication Notification Request (probation)

  • Juvenile Post-Adjudication Notification Request (corrections)