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This section has information to help crime victims find services in their community.  The resources section has contact information for:

  1. City
  2. County
  3. State
  4. Federal
  5. Native American
If you are the victim of a felony crime in Arizona, you should start by contacting your County Victim Witness program.


The Forms for Arizona Crime Victims includes two types you can use and print from this site and then submit to the appropriate organization.  To use the online version of the Orders of Protection and Victim Compensation form, open the page, type your information then save to your computer, then print.  Please note, this information is NOT collected, stored or otherwise accessed by our website.  Also included are forms that victims should know are used by state agencies.  These forms must be completed by the appropriate state organization.



Neither Arizona Voice for Crime Victims, nor the Crime Victim Law Institute, make either express or implied warranties regarding the use of these materials. Each attorney must depend on his or her own research, knowledge of the law, and expertise in using or modifying these materials.



Do you have to pay for a copy of the police report?  Be sure to check the public policy section.  AVCV has been working to get local jurisdictions to provide crime victims a free copy of the police report relating to their victimization.  A table lists which cities provide crime victims with a free police reports.