Welcome to AVCV's Constitution and Law section.

Arizona Voice for Crime Victims developed a four chapter book to distribute to lawyers who want to represent crime victims on a pro bono basis (free).  With this website, that initial work has been greatly expanded.


We start with an overview of both the Arizona Criminal Justice System and Arizona's Victims' Rights Law.  Plus we have included a detailed collection of Arizona Victims' Rights Case Law, complete with an annotations section.


We have also included a large collection of forms that lawyers or victims representing themselves can use. In the near future, we will make these forms available for direct download.  Until then, please feel free to cut and paste the information.


We also want victims, lawyers and law students, and the public at large to have one source to review Arizona Statutes, Arizona Rules of the Court, The Arizona Victims' Bill of Rights, Federal Victim Rights, The Constitution (both Arizona and United States), and of course, the proposed U.S. Victims' Bill of Rights (proposed amendment to the US Constitution).


We hope you find this information useful.  If you know of other information that should be included, please let us know.



These materials are designed to help attorneys acting in a pro bono capacity on behalf of crime victims who seek to assist or protect their rights on expressed cases.  Although the materials are carefully reviewed, and significant editorial enhancements have been provided by knowledgeable editors, in dealing with specific legal matters, attorneys should research and review original sources of authority.


Neither Arizona Voice for Crime Victims, nor the Crime Victim Law Institute, make either express or implied warranties regarding the use of these materials. Each attorney must depend on his or her own research, knowledge of the law, and expertise in using or modifying these materials.


Drafting forms for court is essentially rendering legal advice.  No handbook can assume that responsibility, and this handbook does not assume such responsibility.  It is intended to serve only as a guide for the practitioner, and assist in keeping the costs of representation low – an essential ingredient for the success and longevity of any pro bono effort.  The responsibility of preparing the forms and all other documents that are to be submitted to courts ultimately remain, and entirely rest with, the individual practitioner.


The forms in this binder are suggestions only.  They have been carefully checked for conformity with the law as of the date of publication. Still, the facts of every case will necessarily require a variation or multiple variations from the forms presented in the binder.


It is our hope that all those who are dedicated to preserving and protecting the rights of crime victims in the criminal justice process will find these materials useful and helpful.  We sincerely thank all those who have chosen to dedicate their time and talents to this most worthy cause.