Rights you must request
If you are a victim, you also have the right upon request:

1. To confer with the prosecutor about a decision not to proceed with a prosecution, dismissal of the charges, pretrial diversion programs, any plea or sentencing negotiations, and at any hearing regarding the release of the defendant. You also have the right to confer with the prosecutor prior to trial (These rights do not include the authority to direct the prosecution of the case);

2. To request the prosecutor assert ant right to which you are entitled;

3. To receive a copy of the conditions of the suspect's release from custody;

4. To be given notice of release on bond of the suspect;

5. To receive notice of all court proceedings at which the defendant has the right to be present;

6. To the return of your personal property taken during the investigation and, if the property cannot be returned, be advised of the reasons;

7. To be advised of the sentence imposed upon the defendant;

8.  To be given notice of any post-conviction release or appeals proceeding;

9. To be given notice of any hearing in which release from prison is being considered, the right to be present and heard at the hearing, and to be advised of the results;

10. To be advised of the earliest possible release date of a prisoner sentenced to the Department of Corrections (if the sentence exceeds six months), and notice before the release of the prisoner or, if the prisoner has died, notice of the death;

11. Notice of any probation revocation disposition of probation termination proceeding. Your also have the right to be notified of any modification of probation which will substantially affect your safety or the probationer's contact with you, or which will affect restitution or the probationer's incarceration status.