Rule 7.5. Review of Conditions; Revocation of Release

Issuance of Warrant or Summons. Upon verified petition by the prosecutor stating facts or circumstances constituting a breach of the conditions of release, the court having jurisdiction over the defendant released may issue a warrant or summons under Rule 3.2, to secure the defendant's presence in court. A copy of the petition shall be served with the warrant or summons.

Victim's Right to Petition for Revocation of Bond or Modification of Conditions of Release. After consultation with the prosecutor, and if the prosecutor decides not to file a petition pursuant to section (a) of this Rule, the victim may petition the court to revoke the bond or release on personal recognizance of the defendant, or otherwise modify the conditions of the defendant's release, based on the victim's notarized statement asserting that harassment, threats, physical violence or intimidation against the victim or the victim's immediate family by the defendant or on behalf of the defendant has occurred.

Hearing; Review of Conditions; Revocation.

(1) Modification of Conditions of Release. If, after a hearing on the matters set forth in the petition, the court finds that the person released has willfully violated the conditions of release, the court may impose different or additional conditions upon his or her release. However, if the defendant has violated the conditions of an appearance bond executed as a condition of release, the court shall determine conditions reasonably necessary to secure that person's appearance in the future. If the violation is not excused, the court shall not impose less restrictive conditions of release. If the court determines that an increase in the amount of a secured appearance bond is necessary, that security shall be in addition to any previously existing security.

(2) Revocation of Release. The court may revoke release of a person charged with a felony if, after hearing, the court finds (A) that there is probable cause to believe that the person committed a felony during the period of release and that the proof is evident or the presumption great as to the present charge; or (B) that the person poses a substantial danger to any person or the community, that no other conditions of release will reasonably assure the safety of the other person or the community, and that the proof is evident or the presumption great as to the present charge.